The Inside Scoop on the Vermicrop Bulk Soil Fire Sale

This story begins one crisp morning in a town far far away (Olivehurst). The Vermicrop team has been hard at work since dawn getting the soil juuuuuust right for our customers. The first delivery truck of the day pulls into the yard and our bulk day begins!

Our loader operator greets the driver with a smile and a tip of his hat. He proceeds to load the truck up with 50 yards of beautiful nutrient rich VermiFire. A quick thumbs up from our operator lets the driver know he’s loaded and ready to go. The driver shoots the customer a quick phone call to let him know he’s about to embark on his journey. Our drivers are constantly having to navigate dirt roads, steep inclines and rough terrain. These drivers take pride in their “cowboy” style of driving.

The office is full of buzz this morning because of the incredible Fire Sale deal Vermicrop is having. Orders are coming in from all directions and our team is busy gathering the details. The bulk shipping coordinator is brewing a fresh pot of coffee when suddenly a big “Yeeeeeaaaah buddy” is heard throughout the office. Our sales rep walks out of his office with a huge smile. He just closed a deal for 10 truck loads to the Southern California area. The team gives a big round of applause and kicks it into overdrive.

We take pride in making the best soil for your growing needs. We partner with the best drivers in the industry to make sure you get your soil discreetly and professionally. Put us to the test and buy your truckload today.

One giant scoop of VermiGoodness

One giant scoop of VermiGoodness