VermiT Solution contains Vermicrop Organics pure worm castings and a very specific mix of other rich ingredients. VermiT is extracted on location at your favorite hydro store. The process produces a fresh, beautiful solution. VermiT was created as a supplement to Vermicrop’s founders’ gardens. After years of trial and error experimentation we developed a microbial tea with diverse humic matters and the finest food sources all sourced locally or from the best manufactures available. VermiT is the predecessor to Vermicrop Organics – the real-life success of that one product launched our company.

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Directions for use:

  • Soil: Add VermiT at a 50:1 dilution ratio. This equates to 5tbsp or 75ml or 1/3 cup of VermiT per gallon of water. Apply directly to medium. For optimal results reintroduce VermiT to your garden every 7-10 days.
  • Soilless/Hydroponics: Add to your reservoir with nutrients at at 50:1 dilution ratio (if you have a drain to waste system simply dilute and top water). This will help digest the nutrients making the readily available for root uptake. Works great breaking down nutrient lock-out of salt-based synthetic fertilizers and thrives with organic fertilizers. Make sure to change your reservoir every 7-10 days. Completely non-sedimental! Won't clog your filters, emitters or pumps!
  • Foliar: Add VermiT at a rate of (10tbsp) 150 ml per gallon of water. Apply at a minimum of 70% coverage to foliage, stem and stalk. For optimal results reintroduce VermiT to your garden every 7-10 days.

Note: VermiT must be diluted, applied or refrigerated immediately after extraction. This will prolong shelf life from 24 hours to 7-10 days. DO NOT use after expiration or with foul odor.